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We organize business-missions for developing international cooperation. We think that exploring advanced foreign practices would help Russian companies to improve their skills. Business missions are useful when finding foreign partners. With the assistance of our overseas associates, we provide biz-matching services during the trip.
Trip program includes visits to production sites, research laboratories, participation in conferences and exhibitions.
In 2017 we have organized 3 trips - to China, Germany and South Korea. It was the first time Russian companies took part in World Robot Conference. In Germany, we visited KUKA and Bosch productions, research laboratories FRAUNHOFER IPA and ARENA 2036. In South Korea, we participated in robotic expo ROBEX and Daegu International Robot Business Forum. Thanks to RAR business missions, Russian company ROBBO made first sales in China and South Korea. Promobot has made partnership agreement with Asian company Sunbot and got acquainted with Chinese approach to robotics.

Robotics market is global. Being successful in robotics means knowing one's competitors. Being successful in robotics means not only having sales in Russia but also overseas. We are sure that Russian companies have what it takes - technologies, expertise, products. Unfortunately, the domestic market is too small and therefore's holding Russian companies back. Abroad we see interest in Russian companies, willingness to buy and invest.

In 2018 we plan to help Russian robotics companies participate in the world's biggest and brightest robotic exhibitions. In this section, you can learn about RAR's forthcoming business trips and submit an application.
If you would like to cooperate with RAR on the matter of business missions please contact VP Alisa Koniukhovskaia (