CEO of Russian Association of Robotics

Alisa Koniukhovskaia


Key Russian expert on public policy and support measures for robotics development. 
Responsible for government and public relationships, international cooperation, statistics and analytics on Russian robotics market.

Vision of Association activities:

"RAR is an information and communication platform for those who create and use robotic solutions. In RAR we are working in 5 areas:

1. We cooperate with the government in creating a strategy and measures for the development of the robot industry in Russia (Ministry of Industry and Trade, development institutions)

2. We develop international cooperation (China, South Korea, USA, EU)

3. Conduct research. We evaluate the effectiveness of existing measures for the development of robotics. We calculate the economic effect of using robots in industries

4. We organize and participate in Russian and international events

5. We give coverage to the topic of the benefits of using robots, in cooperation with the media, publishers and online resources.

I believe that we can build together a strong robotics industry that will strengthen the country's economy, improve the quality of people's lives. "

- Lomonosov Moscow State University, department of philosophy
- National Research Institute Higher School Of Economics, Institute of statistical studies and knowledge Economics, Master's Program 'Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation'
Theme of the master's thesis: "Evaluation of robotics public policy in Russia and globally".

Editor-in-chief and compiler of the market studies of RAR:
- The global market for robotics
- Industrial robotics in Russia and the world
- Unmanned agricultural machinery
- Educational robotics in Russia and the world
- Evaluation of robotics public policy in Russia and globally

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