The President's statement

Dear friends and esteemed partners! 

Robots are an important part of the scientific and technological revolution that is taking place right now all over the world. Robotization brings about a significant increase in labour productivity and the quality of industrial production, allows us to substitute humans in dangerous and difficult areas, save human lives, play an important educational role and provide help in everyday life.

Russia has great potential for the introduction of industrial and service robots in various sectors, from mechanical engineering to agriculture and the establishment of our Association is aimed at furthering the realization of this potential.  Cooperation between Russian and foreign market players, public authorities, and training systems for specialists will enable us to significantly improve the current stage of robotization in both Russian enterprises and whole sectors, and allow us to increase our competitiveness. Together, we have the chance to discover new horizons for our companies and for ourselves, develop and introduce leading technology, and provide new services.  This is all thanks to the introduction of new robotic solutions, Studies have proven that the introduction of robots into industry and other economic sectors in fact creates new workplaces, rather than reducing previously existing ones. What's more, these new workplaces are more creative, hi-tech and productive.
The development of robotics is not only changing the face of industry by making it modern and competitive worldwide but  it will also change the structure of our society, increasing the number of creative and intellectual, educated and cultural people.
Let us combine our efforts in our Association and make Russia a really high-tech country.  We will be free to pursue creative endeavours and will stand side by side with the engineers and inventors who are pushing our civilization forward!

With hope for our future cooperation,
Yours faithfully,