The Association's mission is Russian robotics market development
Russian Association of Robotics (RAR) is is a trade union of robotics companies. The Association was founded in 2015 to develop the robotics market in Russia, strengthen international relations and promote robotics.

Among our participants are representatives of all segments of the Russian robotics market:
- manufacturers of industrial robots,
- industrial robot integrators,
- software designers,
- manufacturers of service robots,
- component manufacturers and suppliers,
- university and research centers,
- multidisciplinary corporations wishing to develop or implement robotic solutions and participate in market development.

We help companies and protect their business interests, represent members of the Association in business and international associations, government agencies. We build horizontal connections and support the exchange of best robotic practices.

Our activities
Market Development
We establish a partnership between Association members and third-party companies. We support start-ups and participate in improving the infrastructure of technological entrepreneurship. We help investors and new companies assess the market situation. We advise on issues related to the robotics market. We help companies find developers for implementing robotics.

We encourage informal live communication between participants in chats and meetings of our Russian Robotics Club.
Cooperation with government agencies
Harmonious development of the industry is possible only in a dialogue between the market and the authorities. Representatives and participants of the Association are members of interdepartmental working groups and influence the development and regulation of the industry.

RAR and its members participated in creating:
  • Robotics development strategy
  • Roadmap for the development of robotic components and sensors  
  • The concept of regulation for robotics and artificial intelligence
We organize and support events throughout Russia: forums, meetings, sessions, conferences, exhibitions, lectures. We provide and invite speakers, information support events.
Analytics and research
RAR is the main source of analytical and statistical data on the Russian market of robotics. We do both independent researches and reports, and analytics to order. Our data on Russia are included in statistics of the International Federation of Robotics.
International activity
We help Russian companies to enter the international market. Over the years we have established strong relationships with foreign associations, companies and local authorities.

RAR is a member of the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), and since 2019 the Association's Executive Director Alisa Konuikhovskaia has been a member of the IFR Board.

RAR participated in the creation of the international association Global Robot Cluster. The Executive Director of RAR was elected as the Vice President of the organization. Through its members, GRC brings together more than 1,500 companies around the world.
We collect data and conduct research not only for use in narrow professional environments. One of the tasks is to change the perception of robotics as something complex and distant. Robots increase the efficiency of production and business processes and improve people's quality of life. Even today, the use of robots is changing many areas and it is important to tell the general public about it.

We actively cooperate with the media - we participate in TV programs, give comments and interviews, help to find speakers and share useful data and news on the market.

We develop educational programs and help you start your career in robotics.
Organizational structure of the Association
Alisa Koniukhovskaia
Development Director
Robot Corporation
Maxim Gurbashkov
Maxim Zverkov
Alexey Korablev
Chairman of the Board
Alexander Lopota
Alexander Novoselov
Head of Robotics Department
Anatoly Perepelitsa
Mikhail Prokopyev
Sales Director

Bogdan Ragulin
Head of the Center for Innovative Projects
Igor Ryzhenkov
Alexei Yuzhakov
Chairman of the Board
Alexander Yashkin
Executive Director
Project Manager
Analytical Project Manager

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